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Muslem Nasser Al Abravin

Managing Director
Mobile: +968 99886560
Email: muslem@mhpoman.com

Ranil Niroshan

Mobile: +968 91256816
Email: ops1@mhpoman.com

Mathew Fernandes

Mobile: +968 91180527
Email: accounts2@mhpoman.com

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P.O.Box: 235, PC: 121, Al Seeb, Sultanate of Oman

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Shameer Basheer

Mobile: +968 99836969
Email: accounts1@mhpoman.com

Rajesh Ricky

Manager-Air Cargo
Mobile: +968 99124347
Email: sales1@mhpoman.com

Danial Mathai

Manager-Sea Freight
Mobile: +968 96536467
Email: sales2@mhpoman.com


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